Slow Beef Stew

This is our best stew recipe and is one in which the meat is literally 'stewed in its own juices... read more

Herb Dumplings

Sasko Cake Flour is the key ingredient in these delicious hearty dumplings, perfect to serve as the crown on top... read more

Oxtail with Gnocchi

Don't let old cooks fool you ... any novice can cook oxtail, but do it on a cold day. This winter warmer... read more

Tomato & Paprika Stew

Nothing beats the taste of tomato and paprika in this stew. A wonderfully hearty, simple yet delicious meal... read more

Spicy Lamb Neck with Cinnamon & Dates

Safari Dried Fruits and Nuts are nature's gifts to us and every time we add a handful of dried fruits... read more

Rustic Pea & Ham Soup

This rustic, chunky pea soup is deliciously flavoursome and without doubt, it’s the smoked pork that adds... read more

Baked Ginger Pudding

A reassuringly large, sticky pud this, best eaten warm on the day it’s made. Not that you’d need any excuse... read more

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