Christmas Apples in July


Safari Dried Fruits and Nuts are nature's gifts to us and every time we add a handful of dried fruits or nuts to our baking and cooking, we add nature’s colour, flavour and healthy goodness. As they say: more fruit … more nuts … more taste!



Wash and core the apples. Prick them with a thin, sharp skewer all over to prevent them from bursting in the oven. Also, make sure the cavities are really generous (wiggle the sharp end of the corer inside the apple to make the cavity larger).

Mix together the rest of the ingredients and stuff into the cavities, reserving any leftover filling. Wrap tin foil around the apples, shiny side facing the apples. Place them on a baking sheet and bake in the oven preheated to 190 ºC for 45 or so until yielding when you squeeze them.

Remove from the oven, carefully remove some of the foil on top (leave the bottom in tact as the filling may spill out) and pile any leftover filling on top of the apples. Return to the oven to bake a further 10 minutes or so until tender enough to your liking.

Serve with warm custard or chilled sweet vanilla crème fraiche.

Serves 6

Chef's hint:

If the filling is not sweet enough to your liking, add brown sugar to taste.