Herb Dumplings


Sasko Cake Flour is the key ingredient in these delicious hearty dumplings, perfect to serve as the crown on top of your favourite stew.



Sift the Sasko Cake Flour, baking powder and salt together. Add the chopped parsley. Whisk the oil, eggs and milk together in a separate bowl. Pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture and mix until smooth. Drop spoonsful of the mixture onto your favourite simmering stew (like the Slow Beef Stew) that is almost ready-to-serve. Cover the pot and allow the dumplings to cook for 10 minutes. When the dumplings are ready they will have doubled in size and will be springy to touch. Serves 6 – 8

Chef's hint:

do not lift the lid while the dumplings are cooking. You may stop them from rising properly. For more delicious recipes, visit the pretty and very useful Sasko Flour website.