Chicken Burgers with Chakalaka Mayonnaise


This recipe was shared by Rhodes foods. It also features on their website. Click here for more Rhodes recipes..



Fry the onions in the oil until soft and translucent. Season well with the parsley, salt and pepper.

Place the chicken mince into a bowl and stir in the onion mix, lemon juice, egg and finally the breadcrumbs. Mix well.

Divide the mixture into even size balls and shape by flattening slightly into burger patties. Fry the burgers patties in oil over a medium heat. Fry to golden on each side.

If the burger patties are very thick, I find it best to finish the cooking in a preheated oven to prevent scorching.

To make the Chakalaka Mayonnaise stir spoonfuls of Rhodes mild and spicy Chakalaka into your mayonnaise to taste. I added a good 4 tablespoons to cup of mayonnaise, but I just loved the flavour of my very own burger sauce.

Finally, build your burgers by layering the salad leaves and sliced tomato on the sliced artisan rolls and finish with a generous spoon of the Chakalaka mayonnaise.

Chef's hint:

If you prefer, the Rhodes Mild and Spicy Chakalaka on your burger without adding the mayonnaise, that works great too. (For the more spicy inclined palette try Rhodes Hot and Spicy chakalaka). Your burgers will still be fabulously gourmet, and you will be literally licking your fingers at the end of this meal, it is that good.