Creamy Smoked Salmon & Horseradish Pasta


Pasta not-quite Italian-style but nonetheless a superb dish to serve to your family and friends who love decadent dinners. For more OTT occasions, spoon a large dollop of salmon roe or red 'caviar' on top of each serving. And be a rebel, serve chilled neat vodka shots with this dish. Delish!



Mix the flour and butter into a smooth paste and set aside. Heat the milk and cream and when it reaches boiling point, add nuggets of the butter-and-flour paste while whisking until the sauce is thick. Cook for a minute or so then add the parsley, horsedarish, the cooked pasta, smoked salmon pieces, capers and canned salmon. Stir then season to taste. Serve with sprigs of fresh herbs, passing around a small bowl of lemon rind, lemon juice and grated pecorino cheese. It goes without saying that a simple green salad would be the correct side dish :)!

Serves 6.

Chef's hint:

Some supermarkets sell packs of salmon off-cuts for much less than the slices. It is perfect for this dish as it gets mixed in with the sauce so nobody will notice that the slices aren't tranparently thin. And you can omit the canned salmon and up the quantity of smoked salmon if you like.