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This recipe was taken from the Take a Biscuit recipe book, written and published by us.

Crisp Biltong Stacks


  • 24 Pyotts KIPS, Biltong flavour
  • softened butter
  • Bovril
  • 12 rounds of fresh brown bread, the same size as the biscuits
  • some mayonnaise
  • some finely sliced fresh biltong, coarsely chopped
  • 1 x small packet of plain salted Willardís potato crisps, coarsely crushed

Chef's hint:

A most popular savoury snack this albeit a little odd and unusual which is probably why kids and men love them. Use the rim of a small glass to push rounds out of sliced bread or better yet, get your man and kids to prepare these snacks!


Spread the Pyotts KIPS with the butter and then lightly with Bovril. Place a round of bread onto 12 of the biscuits. Place the remaining 12 biscuits on top of the bread rounds to create ‘cracker-and-bread sandwiches’.

Spread the sides of the ‘sandwiches’ thickly with mayonnaise and roll the mayo sides in the biltong. Also spread the tops of the stacks with mayonnaise and place on a serving platter. Sprinkle the tops with the crisps and serve.

Makes 12.