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Nothing is as awful as dry and hard chicken breasts! It is the white meat of a chicken and contains hardly any fat, so cooking it can be tricky as it dries out in the blink of an eye. Grilling them in a griddle pan can be the quickest way to get them really dry and hard! Yet, if do it well, you will win many hearts with your tender, juicy, grilled chicken breast fillets. By using the direct heat of a griddle pan, you get nice grill marks and such wonderful flavour because those marks are tasty caramelised bits, adding a lot more flavour to this mild meat.

Grilled Chicken Breasts


  • 4 chicken breast fillets
  • olive oil
  • salt and freshly-milled black pepper
  • seasonings of your choice: chopped rosemary, chicken spice, chili flakes, etc

Chef's hint: Never oil a griddle pan - it will smoke you and your entire family out of the house! If your meat is dry (like the white breast meat of a chicken) then rather oil the meat! Simply rub it on all sides with a little oil before grilling - and experiment with flavoured oils as well. Chili or garlic oil goes very well with chicken, for instance.


Trim the chicken of all thin bits, like the little loose flap underneath (it's own fillet) and the thin 'tail' part. You want your fillets to be of even thickness as much as possible to ensure even cooking throughout. Save and freeze those trimmed bits of meat in a Ziplock bag, until you have enough bits for a chicken pie or to add to your next chicken soup or pasta dish.

Now, rub the fillets with olive oil and season with salt and pepper and any of the seasonings you have chosen.

Heat the griddle pan to very hot then place all four fillets onto the pan. Grill for a minute without turning on high heat. With a tong, turn the fillets and cook on the other side for a minute.

Remove from heat and cover the pan loosely with a sheet of tin foil. Allow the chicken to rest in the pan for another minute before serving with any sauce that you like or use in a special sandwich or salad.

Serves 4.